We strive to bridge the gap between "what frustrates  

leaders". . .

and "what keeps employees from being inspired, 

highly functioning team members."

It all starts with an organizational assessment.

What is an Organizational Assessment?

An organizational assessment is just what it sounds like.  Much like you go to a doctor to routinely check your physical health, an organizational assessment allows us to check the overall health of your organization. A good doctor wouldn't recommend surgery without first prescribing labs, x-rays, etc.  And we wouldn't prescribe wide-scale training without first assessing all the other components that make an organization successful. 

We start by assessing the overall health of your organization
with a focus on people and processes.

Here's the deal, you don't want to waste money changing people or processes if you don't have the right team members in place to execute on those processes.  Alternatively, you don't want to send your employees to training if the problem is actually your processes.  An organizational assessment allows us to determine exactly what is preventing your organization from achieving your goals and targeting a solution to bridge the gap.  

. . . and then we work with you to fix it.


We do this by creating a custom-tailored plan to

bridge the gap as quickly as possible with

minimal disruption to the workforce.

The most impactful solution may be to work directly with you and/or a few of your leaders.  The solution may include a multi-prong approach to change some of your processes and find the best players for your team.  Or we might create development programs specifically for your team.  Whatever the solution, rest assured it's been customized for your organization.  

Mari Peck
Founder & Principle

Mari has a deep and varied background in the following areas:

  • Leadership

  • Organizational Development

  • Change management

  • Professional and technical training 


She has demonstrated success with organizations seeking to implement broadscale change initiatives ranging from re-evaluating organizational structures to post-merger integration and implementation of new initiatives such as Leadership Academies, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, and Process Reengineering.

Having led large teams with budgets of $8+ million, Mari has demonstrated leadership capability and can quickly relate to the challenges many leaders face.  This has led to custom-tailored coaching opportunities ensuring leaders get exactly what they need to be effective in their roles and help their employees. 

Mari possesses a B.S. and M.S. in Human Resources Development with an emphasis in Organizational Development. She is a Lean Green Belt and is trained in Lean Six Sigma.  She is certified to teach a variety of leadership programs and has taught as an adjunct faculty member in the areas of communication, organizational development, human resources, and leadership.    

On a personal note, Mari serves on the board of Girl Onward, a non-profit focused on teaching middle-school-aged girls the skills necessary to lead.  She also serves on two committees for SOS, a non-profit supporting victims of domestic abuse. In her free time, you can find her enjoying nature with her dog, working in her ever-expanding garden, or traveling.  

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