Feedback is a gift.  If delivered effectively it can inspire, challenge, and result in gratitude from the receiver.  Leaders have a notoriously difficult time knowing how to deliver feedback, especially the tough feedback (example: "Your desire to save water and not bathe is causing a distraction in the workplace").    


                     What if they cry, scream, are just silent, or hate me for it?


Then, because it's hard, you avoid it.  Maybe the problem will go away.  Or you create a legal liability by saying the wrong thing.  


In this live 2-hr virtual course, we'll learn how to utilize feedback as the gift it is - for both positive reinforcement and redirection.  You'll walk away knowing more about feedback including:


  • Utilizing the gift of feedback - as both the giver and receiver
  • The best and worst times to deliver feedback
  • How to provide feedback to the person that tends to get emotional (crying, lashing out, defensiveness, etc.)
  • How to accept feedback with grace and professionalism (regardless of how much you disagree with it). 


This is a live training course with no more than 20 attendees so you'll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions.


Once enrolled, you will receive a link to a Zoom conference call for the date and time selected.  

Delivering Feedback Without Making People Want to Scream & Shout

  • Once enrolled you will receive a Zoom invite for the designated date and time.  All supporting materials will also be provided prior to the training event.  

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