Whether you lead a team of office workers, warehouse employees, medical staff, or food service employees, know this - your team members want to be inspired. They want to enjoy coming to work. And they are counting on you to create that environment.


Your job often revolves around fixing things, putting out fires, and solving problems.  When energy is focused on problems, it’s difficult to think about inspiring others.  Inspiring and motivating is exactly what sets good leaders apart from “the rest.” Great leaders instill a sense of confidence and purpose in each team member, so they begin to put out their own fires and solve their own problems.  They inspire employees to do and be more than they ever thought possible.  And then they get out of the way and let those employees rise to excellence. 


In this live 2-hr virtual course, you’ll learn how to look beyond the problems and place your focus on inspiring others to excellence.  Following are the key topics to be covered:


  • Model the Way - Painting a compelling picture for your employees
  • Discover what inspires each team member
  • Teach team members how to get out of their own way
  • Develop tactics, tips, and tools for inspiration
  • Breakdown problems into opportunities for team members to excel


You’ll walk away with an action plan for yourself and each of your employees.


This is a live training course with no more than 20 attendees, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions.


Once enrolled, you will receive a link to a Zoom conference call for the date and time selected.

Inspiring Others to Excellence

  • Once enrolled you will receive a Zoom invite for the designated date and time.  All supporting materials will also be provided prior to the training event.  

  • Your satisfaction is our top priority.  If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the training, we will gladly provide a 100% refund.  

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