Leading people takes time.  Time you likely don't feel you have to give. 


                                                             We get it. 


Meetings, phone calls, inventory, budgets, employee issues, and problem-solving likely already take up more time than you have available in a day. 


This 2-hour live and interactive virtual course is all about helping you find the time so necessary to create an environment where employees can thrive (and you can feel a little more sane). 


Check out this list of some of the takeaways you can plan to learn in this course.

  • Prioritizing your time to focus on the most important tasks (and sticking to the plan)
  • Dealing with "emergencies"
  • Getting out of e-mail chaos
  • Learning to delegate and empower others to help you
  • Utilizing your online calendar (outlook, gmail, etc.) to protect your time

Finding Time to Lead

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  • This is a virtual course hosted in Zoom.  You'll receive an email the day before the training with a link to the event as well as all supporting materials.  Please be prepared to video conference for this training.  

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