While yes, you do have to maintain the budget, solve supply chain problems, and respond to 10,000 emails a day, your primary responsibility as a leader is to lead the people.  Sometimes that part of the job is not so well defined and gets put aside as you get busy with everything else.  Regardless of the type of work your team performs, they have certain needs from you as their leader.  


                              Did you know up to 75% of employees leave their jobs because of their boss?

                                                                 That's a sobering statistic if you are a boss.


How leaders manage their emotions and how they make other people feel are the strongest drivers of talent retention.   Additionally, employees want to feel their skills are being utilized and they are valued and respected.  


In this 2-hour live virtual course we will delve into the critical skills necessary to lead, including:

  • What are the critical skills necessary for effective leadership?
  • Creating an environment of mutual trust and accountability
  • The basics of motivating team members
  • How your leadership style is impacting your team (both positively and negatively)

Critical Leadership Skills - It's About the People

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